Sacred Heart sawdust and sand rugs, part 2

he is risen 1

jesus heart 1

Click here to see the whole collection.

commercial break: Love-A-Stray 5k Fur Fun Run & Dog Walk

Eggland 2014

Stop looking at me!

Stop looking at me!

Sacred Heart sawdust and sand rugs

SacredHeart 01

SacredHeart 02

See many more of these lovely creations over on the Lorain 365 FB Page!

Go team!

Go team!

Lorain Police District 2 Public Forum

Small crowd tonight. Approximately 20 people in attendance. [some you can't see off to both sides of this shot]
LPD Public Forum District 2

Our hosts for the evening – Officer Rick Soto…

…and Officer Mike Failing.
MFailing LPD Public Forum 2

No Chief Rivera this time. The presentation was changed up a bit, too.
I encourage you to attend the next community forum – you might learn something new about your city!
* District three: April 24, 6pm at General Johnnie Wilson Middle School, 2700 Washington Ave., in the school cafeteria. This forum will include residents south of the railroad tracks from Elyria Avenue to Leavitt Road, and south to the city limits.

strategy meeting

strategy meeting

commercial break: Maximum Assault Wrestling

Yeah! Snow!

Yeah!  Snow!

I figure since we all complain about the snow, it won’t go away. Perhaps if we start cheering for the snow . . . it WILL go away!

commercial break: Black River Clean-Up 2014

no picnic


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